About me - Trevor Morecraft LRPS

My 'normal' things are: Married to a lovely wife, father to 2 lovely kids, (grown up and flown the nest now), grandad to 2 lovely grandsons. Living just north of Southampton in Southern England. All great.

My not-so-normal things perhaps.
A love of all things aircraft developed from growing up on an RAF base and watching aircraft taking off from my pram.... (yes, I did achieve one of my dreams and get a full Pilots Licence and about 350 hours of solo time)
A 'period of time' in 'electronics'. Yes, I know its a broad, vague brush..... but I truly don't know how much I'm allowed to say......
Then many years working in broadcast television, initially in engineering, laterly in sales and management. I have been lucky enough to have travelled a lot because of it, including over 100 trips to the USA and many to the Far East. Including some unusual ones like the Philippines, India and Taiwan.
I am now on my second lap around Photography as a passion. I was really enthusiastic back in the days of film and 35mm. Then some years snapping with film snappy cameras, a flirt with video cameras when the kids arrived, and now back into photography with a vengeance and loving the way it makes me look at the world around me a lot deeper.  I don't really have a photographic genre (let me know if you think otherwise)....I enjoy trying my hand at landscape, macro, portrait, sports, quirky and the simply bizarre. My sense of humour overflows into my pictures on a regular basis and I certainly make no apology for that. In my head I'm still 16 or so.... and sometimes my comments and pictures show that. Almost none of the images here are straight from the camera, I enjoy the digital editing (usually in Adobe Lightroom) of the images as much as taking them.
I am currently in process of a seventh year of a '365' Project, where I take a photograph every day of the year (I put them on Facebook and here:  Trevor on BlipFoto )
Oh, and I am a keen online computer gamer. I love letting 16 year olds know they were just outdrawn and beaten by an old'un. Old age and treachery beating youth and enthusiasm. :)

I have recently completed the Royal Photographic Society distinction of LRPS and am, this year, President of Winchester Photographic Society.

You can find more of my pictures here, Trevor on 600px  where I leave my self open to public comments.

Thanks for looking,